Forza 4 Starting Over…

I went to play Forza 4 today and my save would not load…  It seems it was corrupted.  Then I remembered that last time I was playing Forza 4 was when we had that bad lightning storm and the power went out — and it must have went out as the game was saving, it seems…

So here I was looking at the loading screen and the hundreds of hours of play just zap!  Gonzo mates.

Then I thought, well if I have to start over anyway I may as well load Forza 3 and buy the two cars from the VIP pack that I never bought that, if I had bought them when I first played Forza 4 it would have imported them and unlocked the Unicorn Hunter Achievement…  So I loaded Forza 3 and bought the 2007 Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera — both of which are cars I would not mind having anyway — then booted Forza 4 having deleted the messed up save and right after the first race the game prompted me to import my Forza 3 cars, and bam!  Unicorn Hunter.  So hey, I am a Unicorn Hunter, it is certified by Xbox LIVE and everything!

Once I actually got my new save started I realized that I had deleted the Forza 4 directly on the hard drive (because I was not sure what else was messed up) and THAT meant that all of the DLC, tracks, and special cars I had previously downloaded were now gone.  D’oh!  So after installing the first disc to the hard drive, then the second disc via the menu option in the game to do that and all that eating up about half and hour, I then had to go to the Marketplace and re-download all of my DLC, which ended up taking nearly two full hours.  Sheesh!

While I was in the process of doing that I noticed the new Porche DLC pack, which I recall someone telling me adds the 20 missing events to the game — so even though it was 1600 Microsoft Points and I don’t like spending that sort of number on a DLC, it does add the whole collection of cars to the game and the twenty events, so I went ahead and did it..  Which meant there was another thing I had to wait to download.

So here I sit waiting for stuff to download…  Sigh.

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