A Killing Bonus – Sniper Elite III

While this is mostly for my own amusement and reference if you happen to be playing the video game Sniper Elite III on either Xbox One (that is what I am playing on), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4, then you may find this to be of interest as well!

While each “kill” that you score against the German army results in the award of a specific score, depending upon how well you kill them – or how unique the kill is in terms of the body part hit, and the conditions under which the trigger was pulled – that can (often will) result in the award of bonus points!

The following Bonus Point System has been noted by me, in SE3, so far:


    Distance Bonus +10
    Empty Lung +5
    Headshot Bonus +5
    Long Distance Bonus +20
    Multi-Kill +20
    Penetration Bonus +5
    Rifle Kill +20
    Tagged Kill +10


    Ghost Kill +10
    Headshot Bonus +5
    Pistol Kill +10
    Silent Kill +5
    Tagged Kill +10