Tanker Pride

When the simulation strategy game World of Tanks first launched on PC it was a game play experience that for many simmers fell into the easy to take-it-or-leave-it category.  It’s not that it was not unique enough, nor was it a matter of lacking polish – in almost every respect it was – and is – a great game.

That said though, what WoT lacked was a strong sense of accomplishment via play.  Not that it failed to TRY to create that sort of feedback mind you!  I mean look at the immediate feedback and recognition scheme that it uses in the form of medals, ribbons, and performance award!

I just this very second finished a battle.  So let me tell you about it as that will surely illustrate what the game truly has to offer.  Oh, and I should add for the same of clarity and transparency that the round and battle that I just finished?  Yeah, it was on Xbox One.


The T-18 Tank Destroyer – a specialized tool whose job was to hunt down and kill other tanks. To that end, they come equipped with a large bore gun and a combination of M48 High Explosive and M66 HEAT (High Explosive Anit-Tank) shells.

Somewhere in Germany there is a town called Himmelsdorf where a battle between two tank units has just wrapped up.  I was on the losing side of what the game classifies as a “Standard” Battle – but even so and as a consequence of my veteran skills, I came out of the battle with my totals in terms of both XP and Funds – on the plus (positive) side.

According to the summary screen even though my unit lost, I rolled away with the following:

  • $5,648 non-premium funds;
  • 442 XP
  • Master Gunner Award Ribbon – Scored at least 5 armor-penetrating hits;
  • Fire for Effect Ribbon – Caused more enemy damage than hit points on my tank;
  • Master Badge III at 50% – Earned more battle XP than 50% of the other players for my type;
  • x1 Critical Hit Ribbon – Damaged an opponent or crew member on an enemy tank;
  • x8 Enemy Damaged – Damage an enemy tank times 8;
  • x2 Tank Destroyed Ribbons – Personally destroyed two enemy tanks.

During the battle, which lasted nearly 15m, I personally destroyed 2 enemy tanks, did a total of 302 pts damage via 8 penetrating shots and assisted in 2 additional fights of which 1 of the tanks I personally “detected” from its concealment.

A closer examination of the results of my shots reveals that over the course of the battle I engaged a total of four (4) individual tanks, doing the following damage:

  1. Fabio BR1’s T16E-X1: 1 Shot for 36 Damage that destroyed the tank;
  2. K0rmil’s T2 Medium: 1 shot for 78 damage and I killed his gunner!
  3. Boysrule123’s T7 Car: 1 shot for 63 damage;
  4. Blindside62287’s T18: 5 shots for 125 damage and I destroyed his tankl.

On the enemy side the collection of tank types and tanks were:

  • G.Pz. Mk. VI (Class II) x1
  • Medium I (Class I) Medium Tank x1
  • Medium II Tank (Class II) x2
  • Pz. Jag. I (Class II) Tank Destroyer x1
  • Pz II (Class II) Light Tank x1
  • T1E6-X1 Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • T-2 Medium (Class II) Medium Tank x2
  • T-7 Car (Class II) Light Tank x1
  • T-18 (Class II) Tank Destroyer x2
  • T-57 (Class II) Artillery x1
  • T-60 Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • UC 2-pdr Tank Destroyer (Class II) X1

On our side (my unit in other words) there was:

  • Cruiser III Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • FT BS Artillery (Class II) x1
  • LTraktor Light Tank (Class I) x1
  • M2 Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • Medium II Medium Tank (Class II) x1
  • Pz. 35t Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • Pz. II Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • Pz. Jag. I Tank Destroyer (Class II) x1
  • T1E6-X1 Light Tank (Class II) x1
  • T-2 Medium Tank (Class II) x2
  • T-18 Tank Destroyer (Class II) x2
  • T-57 Artillery (Class II) x1
  • UC 2-pdr Tank Destroyer (Class II) x1

In the final analysis it seems that our mistake was having too many Light Tanks (we had a total of six to their three) and perhaps some of it was down to the fact that it was uban fighting in a town built into the side of a mountain…


The Xbox One version of World of Tanks has managed to add something to the experience of playing this excellent tank battle simulator.  It is an element and feel I cannot put my finger on exactly or define, but it is sufficient to make all the difference somehow.

I recommend this game – which is truly Free-to-Download, and Free-2-Play!


For this battle I was at the controls of my trusty T-19 Tank Destroyer whose name is