Xbox One Anniversary

Is it possible that the Xbox One is already a year old?!  Wow… That year really raced past right?  Because it sure is a year old!

So, hey… First before I say anything else: Happy Christmas!

Now that that mischief has been managed, the wizards at LIVE – in honor of the Xbox One First Anniversary – send me some statistical information…  I will share that with you below!  But hey, if/when they send you yours, share it with me, umkay?

The Xbox One 1-Year Anniversary Statistics for Recnef

  • Xbox LIVE Member Since: 2008
  • Hours Gaming on LIVE: 1,423
  • Position Among LIVE Membership: Top 5%
  • Xbox One Gamerscore: 7,750
  • Gamerscore Position: Top 5%
  • Achievements Unlocked: 474
  • Achievements Position: Top 1%
  • Total X1 Game Library Played: 12%

For the record mates I should mention that my actual Gamerscore – when we tally up the X1, X360 and Windows = 142,540